Fractal Animation Project

Stephen Harris

December 8, 2006

In the early 90's I wrote some software on my 386 DOS computer that generated fractal animations.  It was clunky, but it worked.  I resurrected that software a couple of years ago using C#.  The new version is more full featured, faster, and somewhat easier to use.  However, I have not worked on it for some time now although it really could use some fixing up and general improvements.  So I am now making that code available here for download so that anyone who is interested can download it, play with it, and hopefully improve it.

Click here to download

Sample animation generated using this software

Known issues off the top of my head:

1) Compiler warnings

2) User interface could be more intuitive.

    a) Not obvious where to start once app starts (need to select animation from the dropdown before doing anything else)

    b) Manipulating the fractal parameters is a bit like shooting in the dark, no dragging or slider bars.

3) Generating the animation only produces individual .bmp files instead of a video file directly.

4) Plenty of other issues that I will add here later.  Feel free to contact me


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